Dedicated to making your instrument the best it can be.


I understand that your instrument is an extension of YOU. You know how you want it to play and feel. Not how someone tells you it should. It's your instrument ... your "Baby".
Every guitar is different. I take everything into consideration: string gauge, tuning, playing style, etc. Everything factors in, and I apply it so it is perfect for you.

I do Electrics, Acoustics, Basses, Banjos, Mandolins and Ukuleles. I also electrify acoustic instruments.

Depending upon the guitar, normally no more than 1 hour is needed for neck adjustment, intonation, action set and thorough neck / fret cleaning and polishing. Or possible neck re-set for bolt ones. Even fret leveling and recrowning, if needed. At no additional charge.



Unfortunately, I've had to raise my rates (sounds familiar, doesn't it?): $80 per guitar / hour (electrics and acoustics) - $100 for guitars with Floyd Rose or similar floating tremolo systems. Sorry, they take a lot more time and fine adjustment.


Due to players numerous preferences, I ask customers to provide new strings of their choice/preference. Can't go wrong with D'Addario (cheap and always consistent - unlike the old "tried 'n true Ernie Ball).

Pre-Covid, I welcomed costumers into my shop and if they had the time could wait and watch while I worked on their instruments. But unfortunately, that has changed. Drop off and Pick-up is how I work now. 

Yet, I still guarantee 24 (usually much less) hour turnaround (unless parts need to ordered - then usually 3 days max.).  Unlike other guitar servicing businesses who will take anywhere from three weeks to two months. Plus charge you more.

Regardless if it's a budget model from Musician's Friend, Guitar Center, Sam Ash to a vintage "treasure", I can make it play better.

Satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not happy, I don't want your money. Of course, I'm not going to fall for con artists looking for free work. You get the "drift".

But, if it needs another re-adjustment or it isn't quite right, I'll be glad to to do it at no additional charge. But only within two weeks. Not after it has been left in a hot car trunk (newer guitars are extremely susceptible and react to heat extremes) or your wife and/or girlfriend throws it at you (yes unfortunately, that happens).

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Pick-Up installation - Pick-Up potting - Switch modification - D-Tuna installation, Hardware replacement, Pots, switches,  etc. Prices vary depending upon the guitar and modification. But the work generally falls in the $40 - $60 range. Prices include labor only. Customer supplies all parts and hardware.

Electrifying Acoustic instruments

I also install electric pick-ups and preamps in acoustic guitars, basses, mandolins.  Prices vary depending upon if routing is required. But generally $70 - $80 with complete set-up included. 

Just want yours Strings changed?                 Want that factory perfect winding?

After Set-Ups, a couple of customers asked if I would do string changes for them later. Sure! $8 for stop tailpieces - $12 for floating tremolos. Also includes fretboard cleaning, fret polishing and intonation check at no additional cost. $10 extra, if intonation is wanted. I'll let you decide.   

Free Phone and / or E-mail consultation.

I am more than happy to offer free tips and do-it-yourself advice.       704-502-3265 or

The soundtrack is "Sweet Dreamer" by the late great Mick Ronson. (RIP).